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“Good music does not have an expiration date” Clarel Lecordier.
Whilst the imprint has leapt from strength-to-strength, Clarel Lecordier approach has remained very much his own. Time will change,
the taste will evolve and herds will flock to see where the history books have led the sacred sound, but the respect Clarel Lecordier maintain
on the Mauritian circuit appears increasingly fed back into his craft and to the masses that refuse to forget the influence of local
progressive great players.

Born in the early ’80s, Clarel Lecordier is one of the most lauded figures in the Mauritian underground scene with nearly 2 decades on the
forefront. His own DJ journey can be traced back in the early 2000s. Fascinated by pioneering synth-pop and turntables, he was
introduced in deejaying by Arnaud Dercy (The Boat People Production) in his ending teenage years. His mentor taught him the art
on mixing vinyl.

He reasonably made his way to the biggest DJ competition at that time which was the DJ Academy. It was a rite of passage for
local deejays. It was a chance to showcase one’s artistic identity to everyone. More than anything, it was a mark of legitimacy.
The competition spotlight Clarel’s natural talent behinds the deck. His multi-deck mixing was some of the best in the game, saw
he displayed his skills to finish among the Top 10 finalists in the DJ Academy Competition.

Deeply influenced by progressive pioneers such as Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, and by the local legends like Giovanni
Paul, Bernard Desmarais(Ramik17), Lebo & Paul Panik, he kept the spirit of true progressive house alive and showcased the best of
the genre hitting the best parties of the island.

Clarel Lecordier cemented his place in the local underground scene and performed in the best clubs of Mauritius namely El Diablo, AG22,
Saxo, Kitsch, Red Cat, Shout, Les Enfants Terribles, Buddha Club, Lakaz and Big Willy’s. With an undeniably techy flavour, the Mauritian-born
DJ curated everything from minimal progressive to tech house. With his friends David Rosalie, Pascal De Speville, Yannick Goldsmith, they
personified the counter culture of underground music.

Joining forces with his best friend David Rosalie who was already a heavyweight in the clubbing scene, it was naturally easy for Clarel L
to have back to back sessions. Melding the talents and tastes of the two luminaries, the mix alternates between David Rosalie’s more
sensitive minimal touch and Clarel’s exceptional brand of melodic techno.
They were not the biggest artists in the eyes of the media or main stage audiences nor were they trying to be. These were the artists
tucked away in intimate nightclubs or rave parties, spinning five-hour sets and keeping crowds of zealous devotees dancing through
sunrise. These were the DJs holding down the tradition of crate digging, keeping the medium alive while public perception of the art

In 2020, Clarel Lecordier & David Rosalie start to produce music together and they create “Deep In Mu” which is an electronic music
platform. Clarel Lecordier has shared the decks with international juggernauts such as ATB, Da Hool, Funkagenda, Oxia, Popof, Jaydee,
Nathan Coles, Bodyrox, Daley Padley (Hot Since 82), Kiko, Matt Minimal, Alessandro Spaiani, Tom Hades, Julian Jeweil, Charlotte de Witte,
Third Son just to name a few.

Through the years, the Mauritian heavyweight has continued to deliver honest, integral and stimulating music no matter what
the cultural swell or overnight buzz sound. The fact is, Clarel Lecordier managed to become a local icon without sacrificing his vision.