Deep In Mu 013 Mixed By Vick J (MU)


Vick J, music producer/DJ from Mauritius, fell in love and was intrigued by electronic music about more than a decade when he listened to Pakito. He then discovered other ones inspiring him like; Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Jean-Michel Jarre, Paul Van Dyk, Cosmic Gate, Raja Ram, Aphid Moon, Sven Vath, Umek, Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Nick Warren, John Graham, Dave Seaman and many more. Fascinated, he started learning music production by himself and producing since 2008 with almost the minimum resources.

As the music industry is highly competitive and apprehending his future, he decided to pursue his studies initially sought of as a backup plan to his aspirations in music, but he ended loving what he did until being a Lawyer. Along with other impediments, he was swapping from his studies to music production and Deejaying and as it was very hectic, he was obliged to put music aside for a consequent unproductive period during his journey. However, despite the little time allocation for music he was able to improve his music production skills from time to time and he constantly expects further improvements. The ideal scenario for him is to merge his intellectual and creative traits in his future endeavours which might be perceived by some as something inconceivable but he firmly believes that anything can be achieved through creativeness, determination and patience.

His musical tastes vary a lot from sweet, melodious, eclectic to dark which he constantly seeks to reflect in his musical performances. The main music category that he has a deep affection for are mostly underground electronic music going from Progressive, Minimal, Techno, Trance, Deep, Chill-out, Hip-hop, Experimental to some of their sub-genres...


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