Deep In Mu 023 Mixed By Rex (AR/Ibiza ES)


Sebastián Pazos known as Rex, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Influenced by Rock, Pop, New Age, Hip hop, Funk, Disco, Bossa nova, world music, Soul, acid jazz, Techno from (Detroit + Germany) & House (Chicago + San Francisco) to name a few genres.

His sounds range from deep house, microhouse, minimal and dub techno, till Lounge, Chill, Ambient, drum & bass, and jungle; having the opportunity to listen and meet the most influential artist in those styles. 
At the ending of 1996 and beginnings of 1999, different's sounds arrive in Buenos Aires, and it's there when Sebastian starts defining his sound and gets serious with djing. 

In 2006 Sebastian and his Friend Kintar join their forces and knowledge to start a new project called qintar and Rex. In the next year, they launched their own record label called Sudam.
Rex played in differents countries like Romania, Bulgary, Hungary, Spain (Ibiza), Switzerland, Netherlands, Aruba and Uruguay, and Argentina.