Deep In Mu 024 Mixed By Kiss Smok (MU)


Born in Mauritius Island, KISS SMOK has started djing since in 2008. At first, he was a musician. He was a great fan of Rock Music. Then his friends brought him to a club in the north of the island. After he had discovered late-night parties and seeing how electronic music gathers people. He started focusing on Djing. He started to mix in some parties like anniversaries etc. inspired by Nature & the crowd, some event managers contact him to mix in some clubs in Mauritius. It was usually House Music, EDM, Hip-Hop & Afro-house music that he has been playing over the past years. But he wanted to know other kinds of music and fall in love with Techno. Influenced by Boris Brejcha, Peter Groskreutz, Rauschhaus, Stan Kolev, Neelix, Stephan Bodzin, and other local artists like Tony Montana, Dub Joy, Kenzo, Clarel L, Jean Michel Rey & Tahir. He only wants to share his passion around the world.

For KISS SMOK music is sharing and sharing is caring. Music is a way to connect, bring together people, and make them feel the vibe that they are alive.

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