Deep in Mu 032 Mixed by JP Chronic (ES Ibiza / MU)


This Artist can be described in 3 different ways & sounds, with more than 20 years since he started beat matching as a dj & 10 years that we stated to hear his productions being released on major labels around the world. His 10 years on the white island has brought him to be ranked #13 in the best resident dj’s of Ibiza pole on, with regular gigs at places such as Pacha, Space, Ushuaia, Privilege, Bora Bora, Sankeys or Cafe Del Mar between others, brought him to give birth to his already 5 years old island record label Chronovision Ibiza uniting the best artists of Ibiza and regular summer guest visiting them in winter time also. The label includes island resident such as Jason Bye (Cafe Mambo), Dimitri Nakov (Ushuaia Tower), Andy Baxter (Open Lab), Neverdogs (Music On) or Valentin Huedo (Blue Marlin) to Bigger Artists such as Hector Moralez, Flashmob, Supernova, Luna City Express, Kellerkind or De La Swing, with 2 showcases to date at the legendary Pacha Ibiza the label event plan and artist roster is almost ready to host its own night on the island and a world tour with it.

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Jp’s productions started back in 2009 with a single featuring Daren J.Bell who was working with David Penn at that time, they made the singe “House Music” that was quickly picked by the Uk label Miss Moneypennys with a remix from Prok & Fitch between others, from then on we could catch him on labels such as Pacha recordings (Ibz), Openbar music (US), Nervous records (US), Groove On (US), Siesta music (US), Magnetic (DJ Sneak’s label), Tango (US), Lapsus (Supernova’s label), Sunclock (IT), Half Seas Over (CR), Definition:music (CH), Under No illusion (UK), Flashmob rec (IT) between others, for his darkroom side Neurotraxx (IT), Bonzai (BE), Fade (US), Digital Traffic (IT), Frequenza (IT), Cubism (UK), Code2 (DE), Natural Rhythm (RO), Notforus (BR), Time has Change (FR) or Compute music (DE) to name a few, more than 300 tracks and still going…

Interviews of Jp can be found in DJ MAG Ibiza for his residency in 2009 in Martina (Garbi Hotel Ibiza) with full page Q&A and picture, French techno Trax Magazine with a full Q&A and picture + a track in their Cd Sampler, The island’s Night & Day Ibiza Magazine with Q&A and picture, Partysan Magazine (Ibiza) with Q&A and picture. DJSounds TV for his residency at Warung at Privilege Ibiza in 2010, On for their Sol Sessions #21 next to Bruno from Ibiza for their weekly sunset evening at Kumharas Ibiza. Also Online Blog Interviews can be found on Ibiza Spotlight, The Sun Newspaper (UK), Ibiza-Voice, Pulse Radio, Tilllate Magazine,, between others…

Ibiza Spotlight:

Deep In Mu 032 Mixed By JP Chronic (ES Ibiza - MU) Tracklist

JP Chronic - Demente [Nosi]

JP Chronic feat. Thallie - It's Okay (Less Hate remix) [Chronovision]

JP Chronic - First vibe with the first tribe [Tango]

JP Chronic - Uhudisco return [Magnetic]

Amine Edge & JP Chronic - Edge & Chronic Thug (Stefan Mint & Adam Stacks remix) [Groove On]

JP Chronic - Burning man [Eleven]

JP Chronic - Drumatic [Frequenza]

JP Chronic - Swagger (To Chicago mix) [Unreleased]

JP Chronic - Back at my place[Chronovision]

JP Chronic feat Gramma Funk - Get it right [Chronovision]

JP Chronic - Number 9 [CrackHouse]

JP Chronic - Eeny Meeny Miny Moe [Blackboard]

JP Chronic - Ford Torino [Chronovision]

Viana - Moonlight (JP Chronic 909 remix) [Chronovision]

JP Chronic feat. Gramma Funk- BodyTalk (Niels Feijen & Lunoize remix) [Chronovision]

JP Chronic - Stop & Respect [MuzikExpress]

JP Chronic feat. Daren J.BeII - House music (Prok & Fitch remix) [Miss Moneypennys]

Sossa feat.Donnie Ozone - On my way (JPChronic 'all the way' remix) [Sunclock]