Deep in Mu 038 Mixed by Kush (MU)


Kush (MU)
(Reviival Collective)


Artist (DJ / Music Producer) from Mauritius, Kush has always been fascinated with music since his early childhood. He started to learn and produce electronic music at the age of 9, when he came across a digital audio software.

Certainly not limited in terms of genres, he is influenced by: House, Techno, Jazz, Rock, Funk and their in-betweens. His inspirations are rooted in emotive, groovy, percussive and old school soundscapes.

He was also part of a local rock band named 'HumaNoID' as keyboardist.

Kush released his first record in 2016 on the label Bonzai Progressive (Belgium) and regularly features his DJ sets on radio shows and online podcasts.

He recently joined the Reviival Collective in Mauritius.