Deep in Mu 043 Mixed by Mirsoliz (FR-MU)



Mirsoliz is an electronic artist who grew up between Mauritius and France. Deeply driven by his passion, he created mirsoliz alias during a trip in Hong Kong in 2009, when he bought his first pair of CDJ’s. « mirsoliz » is a digest of letters from his real name and surname.
He has been attracted by many electronic genres during his route, never wanted to follow any trends and refusing to fall into any category. He also has carved out a unique musical trait for himself as an artist, interested in curating multi emotional experiences in his sets.
Very present on the local scene since the past few years, he has performed with renowned artists such as Patrice Baumel, Stephan Bodzin, Jacques, Khen, Worakls, Muui, Miyagi, Kohra and more... From now on, only tales of the future will give the way to his journey.]


Instagram; @mirsoliz