Deep in Mu 051 Mixed by Shadowhunter (MU)


ShadowHunter - Born in Mauritius

From the early 2000s, ShadowHunter has been actively involved in the electronic music nightlife scene. He comes from major trance influences such as the likes of John Digweed, Dubfire & Steve Lawler. As from 2010, his tastes evolved and he felt driven to underground techno, inspired by Mauritian local DJ's such Kevin O'Keeffe, Tahir & RAMIK17 and other pioneers of the local underground scene.

In 2018, ShadowHunter involved himself in events contributing to the local underground, collaborating with NxtLvl Events, assisting with organisation duties on every event since then. 2020 is the year he transitions to Djing. Learning from well-established Mauritian DJ & Producer rAin(MU), he develops his DJing skills & techniques playing dark progressive & minimal techno as well as PsyTech. He explores these sub-genres in depth, curating music from the most respected labels as well as fishing for the underrated talents.

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